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Maui Ikaika Challenge Big Beach April 19th 2014


What is The Morey Challenge?

The Morey Challenge is an event formed around shoreline (beach) and aquatic (ocean, pool or lake) areas. We place games and obstacles around the shoreline and in the aquatic elements. If you have ever seen the show WIPEOUT where they have inflatable obstacle courses built into a large pool, we are kind of like that, but we take that concept and build a course on sand and in the water. There are non timed heats (40 to 80 people released every 10-20 min) and timed heats for the more competitive challengers. This timed heat is called our Top Challenger heat. The Morey Challenge is for all ages and abilities. The event also has a scavenger hunt element to it where we place prizes and coupons around the course for the challengers to try and find, while making their way through.

What ages is the event for?

The Morey Challenge is for ALL ages and abilities. We have broken the event into 2 age groups, those 12 and under will have access to our Keiki/Youth course and for those 13 and over, they will have access to the main course. Parents and/or guardians can participate in either area.

The main event is broken into 2 segments. Non Competitive heats and our Top Challenger heats. All participants are able to do both but we want to get away from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place elements of these types of events and make it more about the FUN and challenging yourself by choice without pressure. As our Motto says “Play Without Limits!”

The keiki/youth zone has a modified course to support those body types. Some youth under 12 may be strong enough to take on the main course and we allow the parents or guardians to make that call.

Do I have to be able to swim to do the event?

Though the water element is a big part of what we do, you can bypass the water elements of the event. As a matter of fact all of our events are a challenge by choice. This can mean, do what you can. We want to see our community members challenge themselves, but only to their comfort levels.

How much does The Morey Challenge cost?

Pricing can very depending on locations and event goers age. But for the most part prices are between $40 to $70 (as we get closer to event day prices will go up for availability). We also have kids pricing which is from $25+ and kids 4 and under are FREE… Some limitations apply, see particular event for more details.

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