Da Morey Crue: Sol, Alton, Pat, Dave. Over 20 yrs in adventure activities

 Video of our Morey Challenge Big Beach Community/Team Building Event

The Morey Family has been instrumental in creating the aquatic community as we know it today. From holding the 1st professional surf contest in 1965, to the invention of the world renowned Morey Boogie Board in 1971.  (Side note: We no longer have any affiliation with the boogie board brand)

Morey Inc. The Morey Challenge founded in June of 2013 and is the brainchild of Sol Morey and Pat Mulligan and later joined by Alton Franco in 2014. We noticed a global trend in what is being called experiential entertainment, which is a newer type of venue that has quickly been building into the mainstream over the past 2-3 years.  Most of these newer types of events are all land based short marathon type obstacle courses (10 miles or less) where the average person may or may not want to compete because of its extreme nature. So we came up with the idea of The Morey Challenge because of the noticeable lack of community, outdoor events/activities that where not extreme in nature and available to all ages and abilities. We also took a chapter out of Tom Morey’s (Sols dad and inventor of the morey boogie board) book, and that chapter had to do with keeping things simple, fun and something everyone could do or at least try.

So born then was The Morey Challenge (TMC), TMC differs from these other types of experiential entertainment with a unique approach using aquatic/shoreline access (pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, lagoons, etc.) with new in-water inflatable technologies. When put together we create an agility game/obstacle course like none other for all to try. (Think the TV show Wipeout meets Great American Race, but on a smaller scale, on the shoreline, land and in water). 

We created this new style of entertainment so that the community (families and businesses alike) could finally have an event that is not extreme in nature but FUN. We created an event that the whole family can enjoy and businesses can use for team building. So stay tuned on our social media sites as well as on our website for details for pre and post event activities.

Morey Inc. is focused on Community and we are proud to be teamed up with select local non profits Services. A % of our event proceeds (this includes both our community events as well as our corporate team building events) will benefit a local non profit.

We welcome you, your family and/or business to a new era in Experiential Entertainment.

 “Play without limits”


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