Rental Notes:
*Some of these products will need power to blow up. If location of event does not have power we have generators to rent for $55.
*All prices are for a 6 hour day and includes setup and breakdown only. Instructional on all products is provided. We can also be hired to manage or monitor your event, please contact us for monitor/event management prices.
*Water for slides or pools will need to be supplied by client.
*Discounts available for combined rentals, non profits and schools.
*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us for details.
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Slip and Slide:
5 each 100ft sections are available, which are made of 1/2″ thick polyethylene material.  One slide section is 10 ft wide by 100ft long and connects to other sections via 3″ wide velcro flaps.  Slide can go from 100 ft to 500 ft in length, depending on your needs and environmental limitations.  Slide placement is critical as it needs to be placed on a semi-flat, soft grass area with at least a 13% hill or grade slope for proper sliding.  We also recommend each slider use a sliding device like blow up tubes or yoga foam mats.  Contact us for setup details.
Each 100 foot section is $200.
One pool is $120 (15 ft wide x 17 ft long x 2 ft deep).
Morey Challenge - slideSlipNslide

Kam III PARTY yesterday Morey 100ft slip n slide in da rain.

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Last day to play.#moreysuperslide2014

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Human Bumper balls/zorb balls:
Can be used for soccer or just to bump around.
$180 for 5 each.
$80 for 2 each.
$50 for 1 each.

Morey Climb and Slide:
15 ft high x 20 ft long x 10 ft wide.  Climbing handles on one side and a slide on the other, with inner built-in bouncy house.  Can be used as a stand alone product on grass or combined with our 15’W x 17’L pool.
*Pool is $120 extra. (15 ft Wide x 17 ft long x 2 ft deep)
(Product can be used in the ocean but requires a different setup and cost.  Contact us for more info for ocean usage)

Happy Birthday... #Privatebirthdayparties #slipnslide #moreyinc #moreychallenge #themauiadventure #mauitourguides #mauitouragents #mauirentals

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Private birthday party with the Morey climb and slide into pool. Rent yours today for bday, weddings, grad parties and anything In-between. if you got a pool we can make it happen. some restrictions apply. contact us for details...

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Morey Walk On Water Balls:
Do something different with our water walking balls.  For all ages and sizes.  Can even be used at weddings for the bride and groom.  Can be used in your own private pool or rent one of our pools.
*$100 each. (4 available)
*Pool is $120 extra. (15 ft wide x 17 ft long x 2 ft deep)
(Product can be used in the ocean, but requires a different setup and cost.  Contact us for more info for ocean usage)

Morey Iceberg:
15 ft tall x 25 ft wide x 25 ft long. Climb one side and slide down the other. For use only in large pool or ocean. Contact us for details. Special setup and tie downs needed.